Residential Garbage Collection

Our curbside trash collection service offers a customizable pick-up schedule along with bear-proof containers to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, for temporary residential customers, we provide a drop-off bag service. Simply fill the bag and drop it off at the Granby Transfer Station at your convenience.

Residential Pickup Service

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Benefits of Our Garbage Pickup Service

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Community Health & Well-being
Garbage pickup ensures the well-being of local communities by reducing disease spread and controlling pests, fostering a safer and cleaner neighborhood.
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Responsible Disposal
Our trained staff, integral community members, ensure proper trash disposal. The Trash Company, our parent company, operates compliant landfills, showcasing our commitment to responsible practices.
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Recycling Convenience
While we don't offer residential recycling pickup, we accept recyclables at our transfer station, providing a convenient way for residents to contribute to sustainable waste management.
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Waste Management Solutions
Contact us for a free estimate to fully grasp our services, including pricing and scheduling. We're committed to streamlining and optimizing your waste management to match your specific needs.
Our Residential Waste Collection Types

Types of Residential Trash Pickup

The Trash Company offers curbside trash pickup with both automated and manual collection.

Residential trash pickup service is excellent for:

  • Municipalities

  • Single-family homes

  • Individual subscription service

  • Homeowners associations

Bulk Pickup

Require disposal of large items? Inquire about our Bulk Pickup service.

Rol Off Dumpsters

Looking for a Roll Off rental for a home remodel? We have the perfect solution for you.

Roll Off Rental
Safe Collection

5 Steps to Safe & Efficient Collection

The Trash Company strives to assure the complete safety of our customers, our employees and the public in all our operations.

1. Only deposit approved materials in the trash cart, avoiding overfilling.

2. Refrain from bagging recycling materials and ensure the lid is closed to prevent littering.

3. Position the carts at the end of your driveway on the evening preceding your collection day.

4. Arrange the carts with adequate spacing for safe and efficient collection (refer to the diagram).

5. Once emptied, promptly remove the cart from the driveway.

When you and your neighbors place carts a safe distance from other carts and objects, it allows the trucks to safely and promptly empty the carts.

Correct Trash Can Placement

The Placement of Your Trash Can Matters

The correct placement of your trash can will ensure the collection of your garbage, recyclables or yard waste.

Most collection trucks are armed with an automated electronic arm that grabs and empties the bin. This efficient process streamlines collection and prevents potential injuries.

Local Residential Garbage Collection From The Trash Company

Show your community the respect it deserves. Our team at The Trash Company resides in the communities we serve, embodying a commitment to service with integrity and responsible neighbor practices. Contact The Trash Company to initiate your garbage service or fill out a Residential Garbage Collection Request Quote form to begin.