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Our Roll Off Dumpster Services offer a range of container sizes that fit commercial, residential and construction needs. We make it easy to get the container size that's right for your project!

How to Rent a Dumpster

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Is So Easy!

With local experts ready to help, renting a roll-off dumpster from us is a straightforward process. We provide transparent pricing and dependable service to make waste management hassle-free for you.

Get the right roll off bin

Use our handy chart or consult with our customer service to pinpoint the dumpster size that's right for your project.

Quick and competitive pricing

Once you’ve decided on the container size, our sales team will provide upfront rental prices and set up the service schedule. We aim to offer dumpster rental prices that accommodate every budget.

Easy dumping

We'll deliver the roll-off dumpster to your chosen location and pick it up once you've filled it. It's as simple as that!

Our Disposal Guide

Roll Off Materials

For safety, environmental, and legal reasons, The Trash Company only handles specific materials. Please consult with a sales representative regarding any special waste or recycling materials generated by your business or project.

Acceptable Items

Unacceptable Items

10 Yard Roll Off Container

14’ L x 7.5’ W x 3.5’ H
2 to 3 tons

Perfect for removing heavy material like concrete, bricks, and sand.

20 Yard Roll Off Container

16' L x 7.5" W x 4'5" H
3 tons

Perfect for for seasonal yard cleanouts, small remodels, roofing projects, and decluttering.

30 Yard Roll Off Container

22' L x 8' W x 6' H
3.5 to 5 tons

Perfect for mid-sized cleanouts, light demolition debris, and whole-room remodels.

40 Yard Roll Off Container

22' L x  8' W x 8' H
5 to 6 tons

Perfect for large renovations, major cleanouts, and construction projects.

Roll Off Guidelines

Roll Off Safety

Follow these guidelines when using roll-off containers:

1. Avoid placing roll-off containers under power lines.

2. Only deposit approved materials in the container, distributing the load evenly.

3. Adhere to container weight limits; avoid overloading.

4. Do not load materials above the designated "FILL LINE."

5. Refrain from placing liquids, toxic, flammable, or hazardous materials in the container.

6. Ensure children stay clear of roll-off containers.

7. Keep a safe distance during container delivery or pickup.

Professional Roll off Service to Construction Contractors

The Trash Company offers professional roll-off services to construction contractors and businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our customizable and affordable solutions cater to projects of all sizes, ensuring quick and easy waste removal with convenient pickup schedules. Contractors with specific waste management needs turn to us for our expertise, service capacity, and a central point of contact for the safe and timely removal of materials from job sites.

Streamlining Construction Waste Management

In optimizing the economic viability of diverting construction waste, The Trash Company recognizes contractors' efforts to balance:

- Placing containers strategically for workforce proximity and maneuverability
- Maximizing dumpster volumes to reduce transportation costs
- Minimizing contamination by using material-specific containers
- Using the fewest dumpsters for specific material types

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